Boy Scout Troop 48 Sedona, AZ


          Eagle Scout Projects

We our very proud of our Troop's participation in Eagle Scout Projects!  Our Troop is one of the highest in producing the most Eagle Scouts in Northern Arizona.  This is what we have done:

  • nFlagpole at Teen Center
  • nHandicap camping spot at Dead Horse Ranch State Park
  • nBuilt Forest Service Handicap trail behind Cultural Park
  • nLandscaping and Driveway for emergency access at the Sedona Community Pool
  • Inspirational signage at St. John Vianny Church
  • nShot Put Arena at Sedona Red Rock High School
  • nFountain at Church of the Red Rocks Columbarium area
  • nUnderground Cooking pit at Clemenceau Building in Cottonwood
  • nNew Kiwanis sign for ball fields at Posse Grounds & 89A
  • Flag pole at City Hall
  • Sedona Recycling Center
  • Trail at West Sedona School
  • Sedona Chamber of Commerce
  • Transcription of handwritten historical data onto computer software for Sedona Historical Society
  • Painted lines and the court at Posse Grounds Basketball court

  • Planted trees along HWY 179 in VOC

  • South and West sides of gymnasium at West Sedona School

  • Red Rock State Park

  • Salvaged and re-planted trees

  • Rock Sign at Saint John Vianny's Catholic Church

  • Shelter at the Sedona Police Department's Training Facility

  • Landscaping, work station and vector remediation

  • Landscaping, Picnic Area and Trail work at Jordan Historical Park

    •  Cleared brush, made a new trail, added stairs at the Fish Hatchery in Page Springs

    •Built 2 8'x20' retaining walls at the Bubbling Ponds Fish Hatchery in Page Springs   


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